Creating best in class solutions

SSI initially provided lawful interception and Monitoring Centres to Carriers and Law enforcement sector.

Today, despite statistics in recent years showing a general decline in reported crime rates, cautious businesses are increasingly investing in security and preventative measures. Demand for security and monitoring services has been rising in a climate of heightened global fear of terrorism, increasing internet usage and accompanying cyber-crime.

Technology plays a key role in crime prevention in the digital age, from network encryption, to online security and protection as well as fraud and identity theft. As such our portfolio now extends to the provision of solutions dedicated to the security, monitoring , access control and key service needs of major telcos and corporate organisations.

Our Philosophy is: Best of breed technologies  + Industries best practices + best of brain people always create best in class value propositions and solutions.

This philosophy, our structure and operations are uniquely different from mainstream products vendors and other service providers. It has led us to consistently provide High End Solution Capabilities associated with unparalleled integrated Service Delivery Frameworks that well exceed service industry standard levels in our end-user market segments.

Discover how SSI can assist you and your organisation. Whether your needs require on-site technical staff, consulting, solution engineering or compliance services or service support equipment; we can enable any organisation in the development, implementation, management and maintenance of any infrastructure specific solution needs.